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Vehicle Street is founded on the core value of having the best relationships with our clients.

The Vehicle Street’s Referral Program rewards you for referring your clients to us. Being a part of the program does not just entitle you to rewards, you will also be updated and informed with our upcoming developments on what is being used in the present, new services and of course, future products which will be very beneficial to existing and potential clients. More so, you are given a choice if you would prefer to receive a referral fee or apply the same amount as a discount to your referred client.

To register for the Vehicle Street’s Referral Program, kindly follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 Know the referral program requirements which is stated below.

STEP 2 Kindly fill up  the information below and click "Refer a friend" button.

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STEP 3 Receive Commissions. 

For each qualified referral you have given us, who successfully becomes a subscriber of Vehicle Street, we will give you a generous 10% commission from the total gross amount of Vehicle Street’s tracking device sold. 

Vehicle Street’s Referral Program Requirements:

  1.  A referral must be a ‘Qualified Referral’ for you to get our referral fee.  A ‘Qualified Referral’ is a company or an individual who possesses a valid TIN and SSS number.  For companies, who are just starting up, ‘applied for’ status may be acceptable.
  2. The ‘Qualified Referral’ must be knowledgeable and have authorized its referral to Vehicle Street prior to us contacting them.  Those companies or individuals without due authorization will NOT be regarded as ‘Qualified Referrals’.
  3. Vehicle Street reserves the right to refuse service to any ‘Qualified Referral’ for valid reasons. 
  4. Expired subscriptions of companies or individuals shall not be eligible for referral fees.  Referral fee coverage shall be applicable ONLY for active subscribers.
  5. Existing clients of Vehicle Street CANNOT be applied for as ‘Qualified Referrals’.

We value the opportunity of being of service to your clients.  Email us at vsales@vehiclestreet.com or call 0932-TRACKER for more information.